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No.12, Ln. 58, Sec. 2, Daqing St., South Dist., Taichung City 402, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Map
A varieties of components & modules, Aluminum Alloy Die-castings,Forging, CNC Machines,CNC Milling Machine Processing,Anodizing, Vibration Grinding,Sand Blasting,Design & Manufacturing for Jig Processing.
Our R&D Capability on CNC Milling Machines
Superior technical capabilities from other companies of the same sector Able to assist clients with development
Able to solve problems regarding quality issues Solid Works 3D design & processing for jigs
In-house manufacturing for jig processing Able to improve manufacturing procedures
Business Profile:
A varieties of components & modules, Aluminum Alloy Die-castings, Forging, CNC Machines, CNC Milling Machine Processing, Anodizing, Vibration Grinding, Sand Blasting, Design & Manufacturing for Jig Processing
Manufacturing Components List:
Bicycle Components, Pneumatic Power Tools, Optical Components, Medical Instruments Components, Automobile Components, 3C Devices Components